1. General provisions

1.1. Payment of the advance is equivalent to acceptance of the following regulations.

1.2. Payments are accepted in cash or via Payconiq (limited to 250€).

1.3. Payment of the deposit is tantamount to consent to the recording of images in the form of a photograph/video and its processing for marketing purposes.

1.4. Come to the session accompanied by up to 1 person (min. 18 years old). This person does not have access to the room where the artists are working, but can wait at our reception desk in the waiting area.

1.5. A minor can undergo the procedure only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The authorization must be signed in person the same day after the project is approved. A minor must be at least 16 years old.

1.6. Acceptable appointment delay is 30 minutes. After this time, the appointment is considered cancelled. A client who fails to show up for the scheduled appointment without at least 1.5 hours notice (“no-show”) will be required to pay for the entire session.

  1. Choice of artist

2.1. When choosing an artist, be guided by what you would like to tattoo, each has their own individual style. You can find a gallery of the artists’ work on the studio’s website, Instagram and Facebook.

2.2. If you do not know who you want a tattoo on we invite you to an individual consultation at our studio or contact us.

  1. Deadlines

3.1. Each tattoo artist has a separate schedule. The date of the session will be determined individually.

  1. Tattoo fees

4.1. Each artist has an individual price range for a large session (7-8 hours).

4.2. The price of each design is determined individually, depending on the size, number of details and location. There are often projects at promotional prices, about which we inform on our social media.

4.3. How much you can do in one session depends on:

  • the client’s pain threshold
  • skin,
  • technical aspects,
  • Where the tattoo will be done.

4.4. A client who has booked an all-day session and cancels during the appointment will be required to pay for the entire session.

4.5. The cost of the tattoo includes time to create a personalized pattern.

  1. Reservation

5.1. To reserve a date, a deposit must be paid no later than 3 business days after setting the appointment.

5.2. The deposit must be paid in cash or via Payconiq at the studio or by bank transfer.

5.3. The advance will not be refunded.

5.4. The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo.

5.5. If the deposit is not paid, the date booked will be cancelled. Let us not forget that clients often wait several weeks for a date, the deposit is a security for the time of the tattooist who reserves his time for you.

  1. Survey

6.1. Before you begin tattooing, you must complete the “Consent Form” and sign a health statement.

6.2. The form must be completed truthfully.

6.3. The client is required to inform the tattooist of any contraindications to performing the procedure.

6.4. When providing false information or withholding the truth about health status, the studio is not responsible for any complications.

  1. Projects

7.1. Our artists create projects based on references. We do not copy someone else’s work. The tattoo stays with you for life, which is why we want each design to be unique.

7.2. We always do projects on the day of the session, but don’t worry, we don’t do anything without your permission. Before we begin the machine, please tell the artist what you would like to change in your pattern.

7.3. Do not take photos of the projects or distribute them to third parties (copyright of the artist).

7.4. It is not possible to see the project before the day of the session. The work of a tattoo artist requires a lot of time, usually the artist spends all day in the studio, and after returning home he continues working (he answers messages from clients, starts designing a tattoo). Also, we are only human, and we carry out projects all the time.

7.5. When tattooing inscriptions, dates, the studio is not responsible for making a tattoo with a language error (and any corrections are payable). Carefully check the accuracy of the chosen theme and its translation.

  1. Changes in the idea

8.1. Any changes you want to make to your tattoo idea, for example, size, location, theme, you can notify us electronically – via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or by email.

8.2. After corrections are made, the total cost of the tattoo may change (it depends on the size, number of details and location, among other things).

8.3. Any changes to the concept must be communicated no later than 3 days prior to the appointment.

  1. Changing the appointment date

9.1. Change of session date without loss of deposit is possible only in urgent cases. The final decision to change the session date is made by the tattoo artist.

9.2. Modification of the session date is possible up to 7 days before the scheduled date. If you know you will not be able to attend your scheduled session, please let us know in advance. That way we can find a willing person to take your place, and we will set a new date for you. A client who fails to show up for the scheduled appointment without at least 1.5 hours notice (“no-show”) will be required to pay for the entire session.

9.3. The new date must be set no later than 4 months after the original date (otherwise the advance payment will expire).

9.4. If we do not have free dates at that time, we will offer you the fastest available.

9.5. Changing the appointment date without losing the deposit can be done only once. The next change in the date of the appointment will void the deposit. As we said before – let’s respect the artists’ time 😊.

  1. Corrections

10.1. Corrections must be submitted in person up to 4 weeks from the date of the appointment.

10.2. Corrections due to customer negligence are due (sunbathing, failure to follow tattooist’s recommendations, illness, abrasions, etc.).

  1. Responsibility

11.1. The studio is not responsible for items left in the waiting room! Take your keys, wallet, purse or other valuables with you to the place where the procedure will be performed.

11.2. For security, the entire studio is monitored.

11.3. The waiting room is open only during the administrator’s working hours; no one can stay there at other times.

  1. Good advice before the appointment

12.1. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the session.

12.2. Eat a hot, filling breakfast to provide your body with a hefty dose of energy.

12.3. Do not drink alcohol – a “hangover” is also not recommended.

12.4. Do not use painkillers or stimulants – these thin the blood and may even affect the hardness of the skin.

12.5. Comfortably dressed.

12.6. Remember good hydration! This will ensure your well-being.

12.7. Come to the session alone. In the room where the procedure is performed, we must maintain the most sterile conditions, so no third parties should be present.

12.8. Bring something sweet as a snack.

12.9. Make time for yourself during the session itself. Some customers listen to music, read a book, and others take a nap 😊.

12.10. Remember that how you feel pain that day is largely up to you.

  1. How do you dress?

13.1. If possible, clothing should be adapted to the area where the tattoo will be performed. You can bring spare clothing.

13.2. Choose clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty – ink may drip onto your clothing, and the studio is not responsible for damaged clothing.

  1. Care of tattoos

14.1. After the session, each client receives a handout with instructions on how to care for a fresh tattoo.

14.2. ABCs of tattoo care

  • your tattoo is protected with a professional SECOND SKIN (or other method recommended by the tattoo artist) – wear the protection as directed when applying it;
  • remove the protection with water or dry it, then wash the tattoo with hypoallergenic soap and dry it gently with a disposable towel;
  • Lubricate the tattoo with a small amount of cream;
  • apply the cream 3-4 times a day, if the skin becomes dry – use the cream more often;
  • Do not use sauna, pool or solarium for one month after the tattoo;
  • During the first few days, moisture may collect under the protection – don’t worry, it’s plasma with a little ink.
  • abstain from physical activity for about 2 weeks;
  • try not to get the tattoo wet;
  • During healing, itching may occur – do not scratch the skin!
  1. Vouchers

15.1. The minimum amount for which a voucher can be purchased is 20€.

15.2. The voucher is not refundable or redeemable for cash.

15.3. From the moment the voucher is handed over to the buyer, 7Tattoo is not liable for its destruction or loss. We do not issue duplicates.

15.4. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Before then, you must make reservations.

15.5. A person with a Voucher is required to book a visit in advance in person or by phone.

  1. Working hours of the studio

16.1. The lounge is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

16.2. Please arrive at the appointment no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

16.3. At the beginning you are given a questionnaire to fill out, then the artist presents you with a tattoo design.

16.4. Artists finish their work no later than 6 p.m. Remember that we are only human too and need time to rest and recover 😊

If you have any questions, you can ask them on our social media, by email, by phone or in person at the studio. We would be happy to have a coffee with you and clear up any doubts.

The 7Tattoo Crew

7Tattoo is moving to a new location

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